Elixir Vivant

Kalyx Spirit Flasche

A vibrant composition of Raspberry & Grapefruit with hints of Vervain, Rose & Hibiscus

Kalyx celebrates life's special moments in a tantalising composition of fruity seduction and floral elegance. At the same time, our aperitif is a tribute to the beauty of nature. An elixir for bon vivants that adds a touch of decadence to any occasion. Enjoy Kalyx on ice as a harmonious aperitif before a meal or experience the seductive notes of Kalyx in cocktails and long drinks.

Tasting Notes


Flowery notes of rose and hibiscus with a light berry fruitiness


Surprisingly fresh with vervain and lemon, a harmonious berry note, pleasantly balanced with orange, grapefruit and light vinosity


Floral with raspberry and vervain

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Like sipping from the Heart of a Flower

The name Kalyx is a Greek word that gives us the botanical term ‘calyx’. Once you have experienced the beguiling composition of floral ingredients, you will understand why Kalyx rightly bears this name.

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Celebrate the Exceptional

Whether enjoyed as an aperitif in your favourite restaurant or during a romantic evening on the couch: We celebrate the exceptional! The magnificent Art Deco design accentuates this ideal.

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Elixir vivant

Just like in traditional perfumery, Kalyx transforms botanical ingredients into an aromatic work of art. Together, they create an elixir that celebrates the intoxicating beauty of nature with every drop!

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Of elegance and change

The butterfly is a symbol of elegance and beauty and at the same time stands for change and new beginnings. Toast with Kalyx to life’s challenges and successes!

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The elegant taste of Kalyx creates unforgettable moments, whether in the best bars and restaurants or in your living room. Kalyx was developed after many years of preparatory work by award-winning beverage experts, and it equally delights renowned bartenders, chefs and sommeliers.

  •  Kalyx always offers the perfect balance and rich flavour – pure, on ice or mixed.

  •  An ideal ingredient for a spritz, a cocktail or a long drink. Let our recipes inspire you!

  •  As an elegant aperitif, as a fruity complement to food or as a playful digestif.

  •  Kalyx is made exclusively from natural ingredients and contains no artificial additives.
Kalyx Spritz
Kalyx Mule
Kalyx Mule
Kalyx Fizz
Kalyx Fizz
Kalyx Spirit Baum

Kalyx combines the whole wealth of natural ingredients, from root to fruit!

Fruit & Blossom 

Rose, hibiscus, raspberry, grapefruit, orange

Leaf & Stem  

Vervain, wormwood


Iris root

Fruity, floral & tempting:

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Celebrate the unique and experience the seductive notes of Kalyx!
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Celebrate the unique and experience the seductive notes of Kalyx!
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Celebrate the unique and experience the seductive notes of Kalyx!