A secret tale of oriental spices, pomegranate & bitter orange

Camela Spirit Bottle

Join us on a journey along the legendary routes of the Silk Road!

For centuries, traders used this network of caravan routes to bring fine spices from Asia across the Orient to the borders of Europe, enriching the cuisine of numerous countries with fruits and spices. Camela combines the mysterious aromatics of these ingredients in a harmonious spirit with powerful spicy notes. Enjoy Camela on the rocks as a spicy-tart aperitif before dinner or bring a mystical intensity to your cocktails and long drinks.

Tasting Notes


Fruity and spicy with clear notes of pomegranate, bitter orange and lemon, with a hint of saffron in the background


Fruity with slight acidity, pomegranate and citrus notes, plus saffron, light ginger spiciness and a hint of chili


Slightly bitter with hints of citrus peel and a deep saffron note

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Our Aperitivo Amaro

Whether you’re enjoying Camela with your friends on the terrace, or at your favourite bar – Camela adds a mystical intensity to every moment!

Unser Aperitivo Amaro
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Overcoming Borders

Camela takes its name from the camels that, as an emissary between cultures, brought culinary riches from Asia to Europe via the Silk Road for centuries.

Grenzen überwinden
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A real Gem

The elaborate ornaments and golden accents evoke associations with the precious ingredients of the Middle East at first glance.

Eine echte Kostbarkeit
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The Taste of the Orient

The colourful collage of pomegranate, bitter orange, saffron and other ingredients gives an impression of the fruity-spicy taste and whets your appetite for the first sip.

Der Geschmack des Orients
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The mystical and spicy taste of Camela creates unforgettable moments, whether in the best bars and restaurants or in your living room. Camela was developed after many years of preparatory work by award-winning beverage experts, and it equally delights renowned bartenders, chefs and sommeliers.

  •  Camela always offers the perfect balance and rich flavour – pure, on ice or mixed.

  •  An ideal ingredient for a spritz, a cocktail or a long drink. Let our recipes inspire you!

  •  As a slightly tart aperitif, as a spicy complement to food or as a digestif full of character.

  •  Camela is made exclusively from natural ingredients and contains no artificial additives.
Camela Spritz
Camela Spritz
Camela Mule
Camela Mule
Camela Fizz
Camela Fizz
Oriental Negroni
Oriental Negroni
Camela Spirits Tree

Camela combines the whole wealth of natural ingredients, from root to fruit!

Fruit & Blossom 

Bitter orange, pomegranate, saffron, cardamom, chili, pepper

Leaf & Stem 




Mystical, spicy and harmonic:

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Camela Mule
Enchant your drinks with the mystical taste of Camela!
Camela Neck
Enchant your drinks with the mystical taste of Camela!
Camela Sour
Enchant your drinks with the mystical taste of Camela!